#17 Asking for Signs

Miracles impress crowds, but there are very good reasons for miracles not to be performed.  Jesus healed people because He cared about their needs.  It was an act of mercy when He healed a leper (Mark 1:40-45), but He wanted it to be kept quiet.  When the leper made it known that Jesus had healedContinue reading “#17 Asking for Signs”

#15 Non-Miracle and Miracle Options

Six day creation involves the miraculous creation of adult animals and plants in enough numbers to fill the whole earth.  Nanocreation involves the miraculous creation of microscopic DNA in the egg cell of a limited number of organisms which then multiply to colonize the earth. The Fine-Tuning option replaces creation by God with evolution byContinue reading “#15 Non-Miracle and Miracle Options”

# 14 Creation of Life

As far as Christian beliefs concerning the creation of life are concerned, there are currently three possibilities: Belief in Fine-Tuning – the idea that God set up the laws of physics such that the universe would bring forth life.  Once life had appeared, it evolved into many types through God’s guidance of the processes ofContinue reading “# 14 Creation of Life”

#12 New Testament Miracles

Christianity is based on an extraordinary list of claims relating to the life and death of Jesus Christ.  We believe that He was incarnated of the Holy Spirit and had no earthly father; after being put to death, He rose to new life and angels rolled the stone away that sealed His tomb; He appearedContinue reading “#12 New Testament Miracles”

#11 Miracles and Saints

Vatican verifications of healing in people who addressed prayers to a particular holy person is one of the issues that Peter May spoke about.  If the claimed miracle meets the criteria of being a miracle – it must be sudden, complete and not relapse – then it can be used as a sign in theContinue reading “#11 Miracles and Saints”

#10 Physical Healing

As I was saying, I went to the CiS conference in October 2016 in Oxford.  Peter May gave a talk at this conference entitled Miracles in Medicine.  He published an article by the same name based on the talk in the October 2017 issue of Science & Christian Belief.  I’ve just got round to readingContinue reading “#10 Physical Healing”

#8 Protection from Danger

Another big category of miracles is the miraculous provision of food or money when none was available to a person in need with no means of support.  Also, akin to this is the provision of protection in a dangerous situation – On this note I once met a woman in a charismatic prayer group inContinue reading “#8 Protection from Danger”