Rise up like the eagle, to gain understanding and a vision of existence in the Light of Christ

On this website you will find 3 things:

  • Belief and Bible articles with new insights written by Clare. These articles are serialized in blog posts.
  • The Way of the Lord spiritual path blog posts – following Jesus through prayer and reflection-type meditation.
  • Discussion Group meeting info – Second Thursday of the month, 7 pm at the Multifaith Centre, University of Derby DE22 1GB
Mountains of the Atacama Desert and a dust track leading into the distance

Articles on Biblical themes

  • Factual reflection on the Bible
  • God: source of what is true and what is right
  • Discussion of new ideas on the facts of God’s embodied wisdom
Author: Clare in 2022

I feel that openness to all different types of Christians is the way forward in an increasingly secular world.

Sharing ideas is a way of being human in what is becoming quite a sterile environment. We’re not all the same, but that can be a good thing; we don’t all think the same, but that can lead to conversation.

Exchanging insights can cause us to grow, expand our horizons and feel the joy of discovering something new in ourselves and in others.

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Discussion Group

Each session will have a speaker to talk about their faith or Science & Faith, followed by Q & A and an open discussion.

Alternatively we will watch a video and have a short speech slot of 8-10 mins that anyone can take up on the relevant topic, followed by open discussion.

Admission is free. Tea and coffee are provided. Participants from all faiths are welcome, as well as anyone interested in the Science & Faith debate.

Venue: Multifaith Centre, University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby DE22 1GB Second Thursday of the month at 7pm

Next meeting:
  • Thursday 12th January 2023
  • Speaker: Arnie Rainbow on “In Praise of Plants” About healing in plants

Christians Coming Together

This website is about Christians coming together from all types of churches: Catholic, Anglican and Evangelical. Churches have a variety of different styles of worship; a new style can re-energize faith. We all share the same Bible and follow the same Lord. Authenticity and sincerity is the key.

La Higuera, near Coquimbo, Chile 1990s
Images for this website

Most of the images of this website are photos taken by me in the North of Chile where I lived on the edge of the Atacama Desert at Coquimbo between 1991 and 2001. The skies were usually blue and the Andes mountains usually in sight.

Atacama Desert mountains