The Way of the Lord the truth and the life

The Way is the spiritual path following Jesus Christ through prayer. There may be different styles of worship, but the Way is the same way, and the destiny is to enter into close personal communion with the same God and father.

Turin Shroud image of Christ made in wire by a craftsman in Chile

Bio of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, born in 1 BC / 1 AD lived for 33 years in the province of Judea under the rule of the Roman Empire at a time of turmoil. (He did not live in Palestine as this was the name given to the territory under the rule of the British in 1918 nearly two millennia later). He was crucified for being the Messiah. But He rose from the dead. He established the New Covenant between God and mankind. Then He returned to His place in heaven. He fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. The Church was His legacy. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus given to all of His followers. He is reputed as being the most famous person who has ever lived and being the Son of God.

#21 Miracles are Rare

Miracles are rare – they are neither habitual nor reproducible.  They are specific happenings in a world that functions through general natural laws.  Miracles depend on the will of God, and they are linked to invocation of the name of Jesus. There were no greater signs and wonders than in the life of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “#21 Miracles are Rare”

#19 Signs of God

The examples I gave in my testimony section were signs: Many lorries overtake traffic all the time, although you wish they’d stay in their lane and not do this.  But the man asking God for help with his public address was overtaken by a lorry carrying beer branded ‘Courage’.  He could have been overtaken byContinue reading “#19 Signs of God”

#17 Asking for Signs

Miracles impress crowds, but there are very good reasons for miracles not to be performed.  Jesus healed people because He cared about their needs.  It was an act of mercy when He healed a leper (Mark 1:40-45), but He wanted it to be kept quiet.  When the leper made it known that Jesus had healedContinue reading “#17 Asking for Signs”

# 14 Creation of Life

As far as Christian beliefs concerning the creation of life are concerned, there are currently three possibilities: Belief in Fine-Tuning – the idea that God set up the laws of physics such that the universe would bring forth life.  Once life had appeared, it evolved into many types through God’s guidance of the processes ofContinue reading “# 14 Creation of Life”


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