The Way of the Lord the truth and the life

The Way is the spiritual path following Jesus Christ through prayer. There may be different styles of worship, but the Way is the same way, and the destiny is to enter into close personal communion with the same God and father.

Turin Shroud image of Christ made in wire by a craftsman in Chile

Bio of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, born in 1 BC / 1 AD lived for 33 years in the province of Judea under the rule of the Roman Empire at a time of turmoil. (He did not live in Palestine as this was the name given to the territory by the British in 1918 when it belonged to the British Empire nearly two millennia later). He was crucified for being the Messiah. But He rose from the dead. He established the New Covenant between God and mankind. Then He returned to His place in heaven. He fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. The Church was His legacy. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus given to all of His followers. He is reputed as being the most famous person who has ever lived and being the Son of God.

#5 Book of Psalms

Psalm 151 of the Apocrypha In Protestant Bibles the last psalm is psalm 150.  Psalm 151 is attributed to David in some Catholic Bibles and omitted in others.

#4 Book of Job

Jobab was descended from Noah via Shem and Arphaxad – thus he was a Semite.  Arphaxad’s line leads to Abraham through his son Shelah, his son Eber and his son Peleg.  Eber’s second son was Joktan.  Joktan had 13 sons, of which Jobab was the youngest.  Genesis 10:21-31 has a special genealogy side-shoot that leadsContinue reading “#4 Book of Job”

#3 Old Testament Books Reordered into Chronological Order

After reordering the Protestant canon of Scripture for the Old Testament, I will place the books of the Apocrypha in chronological order in between these Bible books. I have used capital letters for the books belonging to the Protestant canon, and small letters for the additional books of the Catholic canon of Scripture. For eachContinue reading “#3 Old Testament Books Reordered into Chronological Order”

#2 Septuagint Bible

The Septuagint is the Old Testament in Greek translated by 70 Jewish scholars.  ‘Septuagint’ or ‘LXX’ means ‘70’.  It was written in the 3rd century BC and may have been commissioned by Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-247 BC) to put in the library in Alexandria.  It was used by Alexandrian Jews living in Egypt. The SeptuagintContinue reading “#2 Septuagint Bible”

Psalm of Lament

How long will it be Lord? Don’t You see me day after day, week after week at my computer? I pour out my life as the hours and hours at the keyboard go by. I am weary. Not without reason do I feel down. I see others exalted and praised for empty, meaningless words; liftedContinue reading “Psalm of Lament”

Three Modes of Creation This Anchor Podcast episode is of the talk I gave at the first meeting of the Science & Christianity Discussion Group on the 1st February 2022. God created the universe by creating matter and He created life on Earth.  There are three modes of creation: Dust Mode – the creation of subatomic particles /Continue reading “Three Modes of Creation”


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