Millions of Little Flames Alight

Each follower is a little flame bringing forth the light of Christ. Light in a dark, uncertain world. Warmth in the chill of godless society. The flame flickers sometimes, but it never goes out. Each follower of Jesus brings hope to someone, somewhere, somehow. Pentecost is symbolized by flames like the ones that came downContinue reading “Millions of Little Flames Alight”

#21 Miracles are Rare

Miracles are rare – they are neither habitual nor reproducible.  They are specific happenings in a world that functions through general natural laws.  Miracles depend on the will of God, and they are linked to invocation of the name of Jesus. There were no greater signs and wonders than in the life of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “#21 Miracles are Rare”

#20 Miracles Hidden and Unseen

In the case of healing, few healings are miraculous.  Usually you know that before you were ill, and now you are better.  The recovery took place slowly and quietly, in a hidden way. Today miracles of provision are experienced more by the poor than by the rich; and more by those in danger, than byContinue reading “#20 Miracles Hidden and Unseen”