#2 Jesus’ Conception

This is the story line of Jesus’ life taken from the four gospels combined together.

Mary aged about 30 is pledged to be married to Joseph aged about 50. The angel Gabriel visits the virgin Mary in what is known as the Annunciation. She accepts the plan of God. Her acceptance of the plan of God allows her to conceive Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This is the Incarnation.

Joseph, when he finds out, decides to break the engagement quietly without public fuss. However, the angel Gabriel visits him in a dream and explains.

Mary joins Joseph’s household as his wife. But Mary then goes off to the hill country in Judea to visit her aunt Elizabeth for three months. Elizabeth is six months pregnant with John the Baptist. Her husband Zechariah is a priest in the Temple where he also had a visit from the angel Gabriel. Zechariah is instructed to call the child that will be born to them in their old age, John rather than Zach.

John first meets his cousin Jesus while they are both in wombs, and they do somersaults as babies do in the womb when happy.

John is born to Elizabeth happy to no longer be barren. Mary returns to Nazareth (where her family came from) and Joseph joins Mary in Nazareth from Jerusalem. They find out there is going to be a census of the whole Roman Empire and Joseph has to go to Bethlehem to register.

It is near her time to give birth but it is decided that Mary must stay with Joseph so they go to Bethlehem together. They planned to get lodging at an inn, but everywhere is full. Finally, an inn-keeper offers them a stable to share with animals, and it is there that Mary gives birth.

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