#9 Jesus’ popularity in Galilee

Jesus stays away from Judea, having an enormous following among the descendants of the tribes whose regions were Galilee, but also the north and south of Israel, the coast and west of the River Jordan.

So many people followed Jesus in Galilee by this time that even the surrounding farms would not have enough food to sell to them for the journey home. On one occasion Jesus multiplies loaves of bread and fish for five thousand men. There could have been ten thousand with women and children. On another occasion he feeds four thousand. This is a sign to show how many times God can multiply a small gift we make to him, even if it were only two small fishes and five rolls of bread.

Jesus’ popularity was at its height in Galilee, but he knows that he must take his mission to Judea. Jesus goes to Jerusalem when he decides the time is right; he knows full well the consequences. On a human level it would have been nice to stay in Galilee and enjoy success and popularity.

Jesus has friends in Bethany, two sisters Martha and Mary and their brother Lazarus. Lazarus dies, is buried in a cave and raised to life by Jesus. This is the pivotal event. It leads to the acclamation of Jesus by the people of Judea and an actual plot by the religious authorities to have him killed.

Cruz del Tercer Milenio, Coquimbo, Chile

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