#9 Provision of Money

By 1995 I had moved from Coquimbo in the north of Chile to Castro in the south.  I had made quite a lot of progress on my writing project; so much so that I had decided that I was a writer, although a secret one.

Before putting my PIN in a cash machine, I always said a prayer.  On one particular day in Castro I tried to get cash out of my account in England, however, the account was empty and the machine spat my card back out.  There was no money.  So I was walking along an empty side street, since there was no point in walking along the main street that had shops in it.  I was wondering what to do.  I had intended to go and buy food for myself and my children.  Now there was no food. 

I couldn’t come up with any viable plan, so I asked God to provide for me.  At that moment, I looked up and saw something floating in the breeze, slightly ahead of me – it was a 10 000 peso note (equivalent more or less to a £10 note).  So I picked it up, thanked God and went to the supermarket to choose carefully what to buy.  With this I knew that just as the widow’s jar never ran out, God would not abandon me, and I felt so happy. (See the story of Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings 17:7-16).

The things of God are woven into my personal life; the Father who provides for His children is always there – the thing is to reach out and receive. 

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