#2 Dinosaurs Sorted

But I minded…….

That is why I returned to the church and pushed open the heavy wooden door which everyone thought a child could not open.  It was scary, but I had nerves of steel and always have had.

I crept into the church, took the dinosaurs out of the Easter Garden and dropped them down a drain.  Later there was a clamour about the dinosaurs being stolen.  I said I hadn’t stolen them and had no idea where they were now.  (They were probably clogging up the sewer system by then at some point along the line, but who knows where?)  No one ever found out where the dinosaurs went.

I wasn’t in the habit of telling fibs, but I had to sort out the problem of the thing that was not right.

I’ve always lived for a higher purpose.

In many ways I struggle with everyday life and the things that other people find easy.  But in a crisis I’ll always be the one to sort it out.

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