#3 Joseph and Mary lose Jesus

Every year Joseph, Mary and family went up to the Temple in Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover.  When Jesus was 12 years old, they were coming back from the festival in Jerusalem to Galilee when after a days travel they realize they lost Jesus and spend three days looking for him. When youContinue reading “#3 Joseph and Mary lose Jesus”

#2 Nativity Storyline

Thus, the storyline is that Joseph who is living in Jerusalem becomes betrothed to Mary.  She is living at the Temple as a ward of the Temple.  She is from the tribe of Asher on her mother’s side and Maccabean Jews who were priests in the Temple on her father’s side.  Mary is aged aboutContinue reading “#2 Nativity Storyline”

#1 The Controversial Question: Did Mary Have One Child or Several Children?

Episode One – This article relates to Jesus’ family history. It inspired me with the name for this website. I hope you enjoy reading it. Introduction I’ve been writing my own family history and got really into it.  Then through a sermon I heard online on the Feast of St Joseph I started to wonderContinue reading “#1 The Controversial Question: Did Mary Have One Child or Several Children?”