#13 The Virginity of Mary

The Marian Dogma of the perpetual virginity of Mary is not something well-accepted or understood today. The grace of God in Mary’s life has to be something of acceptance and not of understanding maybe.  The majority of people only embrace a life devoid of sexuality very late in life. For those close to God, asContinue reading “#13 The Virginity of Mary”

#12 Jesus and his brothers

It emerges how obscurity in Galilee was a wise option when Jesus started his ministry.  Jesus chose the time to go to Jerusalem publically when the time was right. Jesus, as the youngest of nine children, had quite a few problems with his immediate family as all of us do.  His older brothers were oftenContinue reading “#12 Jesus and his brothers”

#10 Conclusion: Who were the brothers and sisters of Jesus?

St Jerome thought that the brothers of Jesus were first cousins.  The Biblical texts do not indicate this since cousins have a separate set of parents of their own.  What is recounted is that Mary was always going round with the brothers of Jesus, in other words playing the role of mother towards them andContinue reading “#10 Conclusion: Who were the brothers and sisters of Jesus?”

#9 Who were the apostles and who were the brothers of Jesus?

Firstly, ‘Judas son of James’ is always distinguished from Judas Iscariot – this is understandable since Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.  The gospels of Matthew and Mark call ‘Judas son of James’ by his nickname Thaddeus.  This is because the name Judas became tarnished by its association to betrayal.  The gospel writers do not want usContinue reading “#9 Who were the apostles and who were the brothers of Jesus?”

#8 Who were the apostles and who were the brothers of Jesus?

If you can find an answer to this question, then you can answer the question concerning the perpetual virginity of Mary and her relationship to Joseph. First let us clarify that Jesus’ brothers were called James, Joseph, Simon and Judas. Jesus had twelve apostles whose names were: Jesus had two apostles called James: The older oneContinue reading “#8 Who were the apostles and who were the brothers of Jesus?”

#7 Mary’s House at Gethsemane

Apostles James and John stayed in Jerusalem after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  Their mother who had supported Jesus’ mission had probably gone back to Galilee to care for her husband Zebedee. Simon was given the new name of Peter by Jesus and appointed as head of the early church of Jerusalem.  PeterContinue reading “#7 Mary’s House at Gethsemane”

#6 Foot of the cross

When the time is right Jesus heads towards Jerusalem.  As we all know it ends with his crucifixion.  At the foot of the cross stood Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene and other women.  The disciples had fled leaving only the women and the youngest disciple – who would not be arrested on account of beingContinue reading “#6 Foot of the cross”

#5 It All Gets Hectic

Jesus started his ministry in Capernaum beside the lake called the Sea of Galilee.  First he called four fishermen who were brothers and cousins of each other.  Later he called a diverse bunch of other disciples to make up the twelve.  He starts to teach the people on the shores of the lake, and soonContinue reading “#5 It All Gets Hectic”

#4 Wedding at Cana

There’s a brief glimpse into Jesus’ identity before he started his public ministry.  Early on Jesus and his disciples are invited to a wedding at Cana in Galilee.  Mary is there because the wedding involved either friends or relatives of hers; maybe it was the wedding of one of Jesus’ sisters.  They are trying toContinue reading “#4 Wedding at Cana”