#26 The Shadowing of Kings

In exile it has happened time and again that Jews became administrators in the empires in which they were held captive.  Jewish administrators used their gifts  to help the rulers of empires enact just and wise decrees to the benefit of the diverse peoples of empires.  They also used their influence to save their ownContinue reading “#26 The Shadowing of Kings”

#12 Three Apocryphal Stories of Daniel

Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children Susanna and the Elders Bel and the Dragon Exiled Jews Close to Kings When I examined the lives of the Old Testament prophets and the rulers under which they lived, I realized that half of them lived as exiles outside Israel.  I realized that manyContinue reading “#12 Three Apocryphal Stories of Daniel”

#11 Book of Daniel

Apocryphal chapters of the book of Daniel In Daniel 6:3 King Darius wanted to put Daniel as chief administrator over the whole kingdom but other administrators who are jealous of Daniel cause him to be thrown to the lions.  King Darius frets in his palace.  Nothing in this chapter says that these events took placeContinue reading “#11 Book of Daniel”