#4 Wedding at Cana

There’s a brief glimpse into Jesus’ identity before he started his public ministry.  Early on Jesus and his disciples are invited to a wedding at Cana in Galilee.  Mary is there because the wedding involved either friends or relatives of hers; maybe it was the wedding of one of Jesus’ sisters.  They are trying to keep up appearances, but run out of wine.

Mary is distressed – so it probably was the wedding of one of Joseph’s daughters and she was the ‘bride’s mother.’  Mary already knew that Jesus could fix things.  Jesus turns water into wine – only Mary and the servants knew what had happened;  all the guests at the wedding thought it was very good wine. 

This is to show that Jesus didn’t receive a ministry at a point in time as someone with a healing ministry does, but even as a child he was able to perform miracles if he so wished.

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