#12 Jesus and his brothers

It emerges how obscurity in Galilee was a wise option when Jesus started his ministry.  Jesus chose the time to go to Jerusalem publically when the time was right.

Jesus, as the youngest of nine children, had quite a few problems with his immediate family as all of us do.  His older brothers were often bossy and overbearing.  Jesus was not genetically related to these brothers and sisters, but he had been brought up with them.

Eventually, the brothers become part of the early church in Jerusalem.  This was probably helped by the fact that originally the family came from Judea and had maintained ties there by going every year from Galilee to visit Jerusalem and the Temple for religious festivals.

The brothers of Jesus never make any claim of kinship with Jesus.  They make a point of not seeking priority for being Jesus’ brothers.  James becomes known as ‘James the Just’ and there is mention of ‘Joseph the Just’ – this comes from relinquishing ‘the elder brother thing’.

The Messiah’s story is an extraordinary story written in the small everyday details of a real life and a family life.

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