#1 Of Miracles and Creation

I’m a member of Christians in Science (CiS). I went to the Christians in Science northern conference in November 2016. It was on the subject of miracles.  When I got home I wrote this article containing personal testimonies of miracles with the intention of sending it in for the CiS journal Science & Christian Belief, but then didn’t send it.

The text of the talk on miracles given by Dr Peter May at the conference was published in Sc & Ch. Belief, Vol.29, pages 121-134 in October 2017 with the title ‘Miracles in Medicine.’ I got inspired again and edited my article but was not quick enough to get it published – because by the time I read the journal it was 2018.

When I was a Girl Guide (Scouting Movement) I was proud to get the Backwoods Man badge. But my family called it the Backward Man’s badge, and said they could see why I got it. They had a good laugh. I sewed it with satisfaction on the arm of my uniform along with a whole line of other badges, and ignored them.

Anyway, my article joined the pile of other articles I’d written, on the pile gathering dust, until several years later when I started doing websites and blogs.

So here it is – a series of blog posts based on my article written and edited in 2016 and 2018 on my experience and views on miracles. My reflection relates my belief in miracles to my belief in creation.

Elqui Valley, North of Chile

All the photos for this article and series of posts were taken by me in the Elqui Valley, North of Chile in the early 1990s.

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