#2 Gullibility, Credulity or Faith?

Part of me doubts the miracles I hear about – maybe there was always a simple, natural explanation for what’s been told me was a miracle.  Maybe what I heard or read about was exaggeration, or wishful thinking on the part of devout, but gullible religious people.  Maybe money was involved like on God channels – if someone got paid for performing a miracle, I definitely don’t believe it.

Another part of me definitely does believe in the miracles of the Bible, the miracles I have witnessed, and the ones which have happened to me.  In these, God was so clearly in what happened.  The signs given by God to me are etched in my soul – to deny them would be to deny myself.

I must employ wisdom, I don’t want to be stupid – there are quite a lot of stupid people already, and credulity is not holiness.  But my trust in God says I know God can perform miracles; I know God wants us to be whole, and that He constantly watches over us; I know God can do anything He wishes because He is God.

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Christian - Bible - Catholic belief reassessment website. How does Catholic belief relate to the Bible? An even-handed approach by the author who has been a Catholic as long as she has been an Evangelical.

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