#7 Provision and Guidance

There is an instance of a sign that I will always remember.  I was in Chile living on the edge of the desert where there is a scarcity not only of water, but also of books.  The internet had not been invented at this point.  In my writing project studies I decided that I needed to find out about the climate of the early Earth.  I generally bought books in Cambridge and took them back with me, but it was going to be a long time until my next visit.  There were two sources of information nearby, consisting of scientific journals written in English kept at the American Observatory campus in La Serena and at the University of  Coquimbo library.  The university library was near to where I lived.

The university library had lots of shelves full of journals, but there was no indexing to know which issue might contain which scientific subject.  One of the journals might have an article on the climate of early Earth, but how would I ever find the right journal and the right issue without spending a week in the library?

I decided to pray and believe, and then to walk up to the library, into the library and to a shelf.  I did this and went into an isle lined with journals.  At once I saw that one journal was sticking out from the shelf, inviting me to pick it up.  This journal, the only one I picked up, was a special edition on the climate of early Earth!  I knew that, although this journal may not have been put back properly by someone, it had also been picked to stand out from all the hundreds of other journals.  I don’t vouch for the veracity of what was actually written in the journal, but I said to myself, ‘God is with me – He has answered my prayer.’

Miracles are quiet.  Especially in that they are often signs, they speak volumes to the person or people involved, but mean nothing to other people round about who are not part of the specific situation.

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