#6 Sign to Encourage

Through my life I have witnessed the signs of God’s presence on several notable occasions.  The first miraculous sign I remember hearing about was told by a preacher at a Christian conference run by the evangelist Harry Greenwood from South Chard.  The conference was at Bognor Regis Butlins camp and I had been taken there aged 17 by my parents.  The preacher said he was worried about what he would say at the conference, and so he was praying in his car as he drove along, on his way there.  At that moment a lorry overtook him with the words ‘Take Courage’ written on it, and he knew it was divine encouragement.  I realized that a God who can use a beer delivery lorry as a messenger must be the Living God.  This was one of the incidents instrumental in my search for God and later commitment.

In the general way of things, the signs of God are unobtrusive.  What I mean by this is that a sign given by God may be recognized by, for example, a person or people seeking a way out of a situation.  At the same time, other people not involved in the problem, even if they also see the sign, will usually not recognize it as such since it has no significance for them.  Thus, a sign relates to a seeking on the part of a person – it is a specific answer to what is being asked for or addressed as with the preacher and the beer delivery lorry.

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