#13 Word of Knowledge

Jesus did not only restore health to diseased bodies and give spiritual life to His followers; He is believed to be the author of life. We say in the Creed that “we believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.” And in one Lord, Jesus Christ, ……  “Through him all things were made.”  This brings us to the subject of creation, and beliefs whether miraculous or not regarding creation.

It was in 1992 that I had a burning question, and I would not rest until this question had been answered.  What was the part played by creation and what was the part played by evolution in the coming into being of life?

And so I prepared my mind, emptied my thoughts and humbly approached the Lord with attitude of supplication saying: “Although I am the last of your servants, the least indicated and the most problematic of your servants, I want to ask you to tell me how you created life?”  “No other person was there, so there is no one else for me to ask; only you know what happened.”

Then I waited while getting on with my life.  I did not know when God would reply or if He would reply.  I kept on waiting.  Soon after, I was sitting on a bus, turning the question over in my mind, still desiring an answer above anything else, when an inner voice, one that I knew, spoke to me.  The reply was a single word, “Genetics.”  This was the key to understanding.

I then went through all my ‘A level’ and 1st year in university biology in my mind and found some indications stored in there.  Shortly after, I set off to find journals with articles on genetics.  At that time there were lots of articles on genetics in popular science magazines since the Human Genome Project had been launched two years previously in 1990.

This word of knowledge from God, the Person who was there at creation and the only Person who really knew how He did it, was a gift and one that took deep root within me.  It set me on a path that I still follow today.  I have been writing every day except Sundays for 26 years now.  Over the years it became apparent that I had found the well that never runs dry – inspiration welling up day by day; as a writer I have been truly blessed.

This small seed of knowledge has grown into a tree ready to bear fruit.  One small idea, a single word has developed into The Theory of Nanocreation and Entropic Evolution.  I am now bringing this theory to the public for discussion and debate.

The theory is supported by the facts about genomes discovered by the Human Genome Project which reported on conclusions in 2003, and still continues today.  The revelations of how the genetic system actually works – the facts of modern science – point to a God who is the Creator of life.

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