# 14 Creation of Life

As far as Christian beliefs concerning the creation of life are concerned, there are currently three possibilities:

  • Belief in Fine-Tuning – the idea that God set up the laws of physics such that the universe would bring forth life.  Once life had appeared, it evolved into many types through God’s guidance of the processes of evolution or through natural constraint and convergence.  Either way, the end point of evolution was human beings.  Advantageous mutations and the working of Natural Selection are deemed to build up complexity in the successive forms of life.
  • Belief that life was created in six days or six periods of time spanning 6000 years.  Creation in this instance includes the Garden of Eden and the first humans Adam and Eve created as adults.  These ideas are based on a literal reading of the book of Genesis.  Six Day Creationism only accepts evolution at the level of subspecies and varieties, many of which have been produced by the human cultivation of plants and the selective breeding of domesticated animals.
  • Nanocreation is the belief that the genetic code made of DNA is the fundamental unit of creation.  It was created directly at nanoscale bringing life into existence with the addition of genes increasing its complexity.  Original complexity in basic forms of life has allowed for the many paths taken by evolution to produce a great diversity of species.  This has occurred through mutations and Natural Selection bringing about adaptation.  Despite the usefulness of these adaptations, evolution is essentially based on genetic switching off by mutation, loss of expression of certain genes, and thus a running down referred to as Entropic Evolution.

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