#16 Energy and Miracles?

Acts of creation and acts of healing would occur through the same power and in a similar way.  Both involve the reordering of cells and their DNA codes.  Does this involve some sort of energy? Could it be the energy I felt spring from the cross at Taizé on Good Friday many years ago?

I think there may be a type of tangible energy at God’s disposition that we don’t know much about.  Miracles depend on the will of God; they do not occur through a force, but this does not rule out an actual means of operation. We sometimes feel the Holy Spirit in us as a source of energy.

The Christian view of the creation of life – seen in all its complexity, intricacy and variety – is that it is God’s gift to us and expression of Himself. 

God must have energy at His disposition for Him to be able to act in the world.

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