#15 Non-Miracle and Miracle Options

Six day creation involves the miraculous creation of adult animals and plants in enough numbers to fill the whole earth.  Nanocreation involves the miraculous creation of microscopic DNA in the egg cell of a limited number of organisms which then multiply to colonize the earth.

The Fine-Tuning option replaces creation by God with evolution by natural processes.  Some claim a God-given direction to evolution.  By and large this is the non-miracle option.

With Nanocreation an act of creation, if it occurred, would be a quiet, hidden miracle in the initial cell of a new being.  The new genes would be carried by a limited number of individuals only in one defined part of the globe.  This would give rise to a primitive new type with a higher level of complexity than the previous type, but still retaining the previous primitive features.  Evolution could subsequently take this basic type or kind in a number of different directions.

In creating life would God override the laws of nature, suspend the laws of nature, or just ignore them for a short while?  None of these – I think the specific act could occur within the framework of general natural laws continuing to hold.  The new creature created becomes immediately subject to natural laws of biology and of evolution.  The specific miraculous act can initiate what later becomes part of a general, natural web of life.

I think it is right to hold both the general laws of science and the unique actions of God in a balance in the mind.  It is possible to approach truth from both angles without one overruling and denying the other.

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