#19 Signs of God

The examples I gave in my testimony section were signs:

Many lorries overtake traffic all the time, although you wish they’d stay in their lane and not do this.  But the man asking God for help with his public address was overtaken by a lorry carrying beer branded ‘Courage’.  He could have been overtaken by a lorry carrying ‘Ay up’, a beer sold in the Midlands by Dancing Duck, but the message ‘Ay up, me duck’ would not have had the same effect on faith.

A journal standing out from a shelf in a library is carelessness in putting back journals for everyone except the person who wants to read up on a particular subject in a particular issue of a journal – and who finds that this issue, standing out so that it will be seen, is the actual issue required – and this at the moment of walking into the library with a fixed intention.

A dog walking through a shanty town is not unusual – all the dogs there are left loose to roam where they want.  When the dog is large, you just give it a wide berth and avoid looking at it.  There is only one difference – this particular dog gave protection to the woman and acted as a body guard.

When I asked the Lord to provide for me, and saw the £10 note float down from on high, blowing in the wind – ok, someone could have dropped it, but there were no other people in the street, there was no one to give it back to.  But more recently I found £10 on someone’s doorstep, so I knocked on the door and asked the person who opened the door if they had lost some money.  They searched their pockets, said yes; it must have dropped out when they got their keys out to open the door.  I handed the money back to them to their joy.

Signs from God are real, but they are only seen by the person who addressed God in prayer about a particular problem they needed to resolve.  All other onlookers see no sign at all.

I have felt the presence of the Lord in my life, and I have witnessed the presence of God among many people in Christian conferences over the years.  But God appears to side-step investigation, not cooperate with demands for a sign and not make any proofs easy.  God appears to give signs that mean something to a designated person alone, and to no one else. 

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