#20 Miracles Hidden and Unseen

In the case of healing, few healings are miraculous.  Usually you know that before you were ill, and now you are better.  The recovery took place slowly and quietly, in a hidden way.

Today miracles of provision are experienced more by the poor than by the rich; and more by those in danger, than by those who live in security.  The poor and vulnerable often have literally no one to turn to except God, and He provides for them.

A big category of miracles is in the timing of events.  Again these miracles are very subtle, based on circumstance and expectation.

An Evangelical friend of mine in Chile lost her husband suddenly in a mining accident and was left with five children to care for alone, and the cupboard was bare.  There was a knock at the door.  It was someone begging of food.  My friend gave away the last crust of bread, and then they had nothing to eat.  She prayed.  There was another knock at the door.  It was a woman from their church with a hamper of food that she had felt inspired that she had to pack up and take round straight away. 

It was the timing of these events that was miraculous.  One woman’s generosity was the answer to the other’s prayer.  After this my friend managed to fix up her widow’s pension and she found work to support her family working extremely hard.

Therefore, miracles often entail an imperceptible recovery of health that cannot be named miraculous or a timing of events unknown to outside observers. The frequency of miracles is often linked to people’s actual need.

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