#21 Miracles are Rare

Miracles are rare – they are neither habitual nor reproducible.  They are specific happenings in a world that functions through general natural laws.  Miracles depend on the will of God, and they are linked to invocation of the name of Jesus.

There were no greater signs and wonders than in the life of Jesus Christ.  These signs testified to His identity as the Son of God and the significance of His mission as the Saviour.

Sometimes miracles provide for needs, but their greater service is as signs of God’s presence.  The sign is powerful for the recipient of the sign, but often totally meaningless to everyone else round about.

Life we see all around us in all its complexity, diversity and intricacy – is a great wonder; is it a sign?  One view is that the natural world proclaims the acts of God the Creator; another view removes God from this equation to a more distant metaphysical place.

Spiritual life is another aspect of life.  We believe that this continues after death.  Eternal life will be the greatest miracle of all. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the reason why we say He lives and the demonstration that His promises hold true.

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