Psalm of Lament

How long will it be Lord?

Don’t You see me day after day, week after week at my computer?

I pour out my life as the hours and hours at the keyboard go by. I am weary. Not without reason do I feel down.

I see others exalted and praised for empty, meaningless words; lifted up for bringing your church down.

You know Lord that I serve You. You know how I tread the unpopular path. I sow in tears. How long will it be Lord? I serve You, but my life will end.

I write because I trust, I trust in You, and You are there.

Day by day You raise me up in the secret of my heart, and the secret of my room. Rays of light fall on me. This light comes from You – who are my Father, my Protector and my Guide.

Joy is seen through tears.

Hiddenness is Your protection.

Inspiration direct from You, beamed into my heart with or without words, fill my soul with Your knowledge. I exult anew.

My song is one lone voice now, but like the single blackbird singing outside on the AstroTurf, my voice will be clear.

I will keep going and record all that You show me. I will not falter. I will not fall – because Your Spirit upholds me.

The darkness will turn to light, the tears to rejoicing and the song placed on my heart will be sung in the great assembly, and posted on Christian websites.

Blackbird singing on a tree. Photo by Rainhard Wiesinger

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Christian - Bible - Catholic belief reassessment website. How does Catholic belief relate to the Bible? An even-handed approach by the author who has been a Catholic as long as she has been an Evangelical.

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