Millions of Little Flames Alight

Each follower is a little flame bringing forth the light of Christ. Light in a dark, uncertain world. Warmth in the chill of godless society. The flame flickers sometimes, but it never goes out. Each follower of Jesus brings hope to someone, somewhere, somehow. Pentecost is symbolized by flames like the ones that came downContinue reading “Millions of Little Flames Alight”

How Did Abraham Reach the Promised Land?

When I lived in Chile I went to a Bible study at the parish church.  We gathered around a man with bushy eyebrows to learn.  He asked us, the people gathered round, ‘How did Abraham reach the Promised Land?’  Raise your hand if you know the answer.  I was racking my brains thinking, surely I knowContinue reading “How Did Abraham Reach the Promised Land?”