#15 Chronicles

  • This book was written as a supplement to the book of Samuel and the book of Kings.
  • Ancient Jewish tradition attributes the book of Chronicles to the priest Ezra as the author.  He used many other books of the Old Testament and annals of kings as sources.
  • The purpose of the chronicler was to instruct the restored community after return from exile in the meaning of God’s covenant for them and address issues of continuity with the past before exile.
  • The writer of Chronicles loved lists just as the writer of the book of Ezra loved lists – as they were the same person.
  • Chronicles starts with the genealogy of the sons of Noah, sons of Abraham, sons of Israel, sons of David and the 12 tribes of Israel.  There is the story of Saul the Benjamite and David becoming king.  The Ark is returned to Jerusalem and the Levites celebrate.  Genealogy of the Levites – priests, singers, gate-keepers, army divisions and the king’s overseers are listed. David’s desire to build the Temple, and the death of David.
  • Genre: History of the monarchy with all the genealogies listed.
  • 2 Chronicles continues from 1 Chronicles with the life of King Solomon.
  • Solomon asks God for the gift of wisdom, Solomon builds and dedicates the Temple, Solomon’s life and death.  Subsequent kings do not do what is right but Hezekiah is a righteous king.  Sennacherib King of Assyria invades Judah but with the help of the prayers of Isaiah, the angel of the Lord annihilated the camp of the Assyrian king and they retreat.  Josiah’s reforms, more kings do evil in the sight of the Lord, leading to the fall of Jerusalem.
  • Genre: History of the monarchy continued until Judah ceases political existence.

Prayer of Manasseh in 2 Chronicles 33:11-13 – Part of the Apocrypha

  • Manasseh, king of Judah repents of idolatry and is forgiven.  He is one of the evil kings and later drops back into his wicked ways.
  • Manasseh’s story also appears in 2 Kings chapter 21.

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