#7 A prophet without honour in his home town

Jesus’ brothers and sisters would surely have reminded him that since he was Mary’s actual son, when Joseph her husband died, he had a duty to take his mother into his own house and assume his responsibility as a son. Jesus then took his disciples from the shores of the Sea of Galilee and wentContinue reading “#7 A prophet without honour in his home town”

#6 Jesus gets a following

In Galilee crowds had started to follow Jesus everywhere. He had followers from as far away as Idumea in the south, Tyre and Sidon in the north and regions across the Jordan to the east. Jesus even had to start employing a small boat to preach to people lining the shore of the lake soContinue reading “#6 Jesus gets a following”

#5 It All Gets Hectic

Jesus started his ministry in Capernaum beside the lake called the Sea of Galilee.  First he called four fishermen who were brothers and cousins of each other.  Later he called a diverse bunch of other disciples to make up the twelve.  He starts to teach the people on the shores of the lake, and soonContinue reading “#5 It All Gets Hectic”