#3 The Purposes of God

We live in a world that runs by natural processes that take their course according to general laws of nature.  Is the world governed by laws of nature, or is it governed by God?

Some say that the way God acts is actually through laws of nature and this alone; others believe that although natural law is the normal way of things, God remains above the created order, and His ‘hands are not tied’ so to speak – as in Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel, the finger of God still has power.

All things are ultimately subject to God, in fact, all things exist only because God exists.  God is the eternal Being whose existence depends on no other thing.  The Being of God holds in being all things belonging to the created universe.  They exist in God, and yet they exist freely.

God is Creator, and the ultimate originator of all things.  God brought into being a world governed by the laws of nature.  Laws are written summaries describing how matter functions and how it interacts with other matter.  But God himself is spirit, and spirit can override matter. 

We believe in a God of purpose.  If God were incapable of acting, this would not be so.  You cannot believe in a God of purpose who can’t do anything.

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