#4 Laws of Nature are General; Miracles are Specific

God has given humans the ability to decide on their actions and to desire outcomes.  The human will interacts with God’s will, and this is important in the sphere of miracles.  On occasions, through prayer illness can be reversed and health restored, and death can be forestalled.  Healing and the prolonging of life depend on the purposes of God, but also on human requests through prayer and supplication.

There are some people with healing ministries in the church, though no one actually ‘performs miracles’, except God alone.  It is clear that healing is not automatic, and that God cannot be commanded like a force to do what we desire.

The purposes of God are unknown to us most of the time.  But healing often comes with conversion to Christ and a change of heart, especially in the case of psychological healing.  Healing may accompany witness to Jesus who is the Healer.  Psychological healing is often preceded by forgiveness on the part of the victim of the perpetrator of the problem.

Miracle is about purpose and meaning in a particular, specific instance.  Belief in miracles can coexist with modern science.  Science deals with the general, habitual way of natural things; on the other hand, miracles are specific acts. 

Laws of physics are not suspended by miracles, but something happens in addition to these laws.  The sign stands out pointing to God who can act within the world in a specific way, while all the laws of nature continue to hold in all other aspects round about.

In a sense it is the very recognition of regularity that causes the miracle to be recognized as such, and to show that it points to something greater than itself.

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