#5 Personal Testimony: Psychological Healing

Many years ago I received a psychological healing after a traumatic experience which constantly troubled me.  I was at Taizé in France and it was Easter time.  At the Good Friday liturgy of the cross I saw that some young people were approaching the cross on their knees.  I decided that I had to do this to obtain healing, even though I felt silly walking on my knees in front of so many people – in fact, 10 000 people (thousands were sat outside the church as well as inside it).  I approached the cross in the queue very slowly and finally it was my turn to kiss the cross.  I approached my face to the foot of the cross, and at that moment I felt energy leap from the cross into my forehead.  I was caught in a timeless moment, a touch of eternity which transformed me.  I returned to the spot on the ground where I had been sitting completely healed – freed from the fears that had been holding me. 

This is the power of the cross.  It consists of a real, tangible power, but it is spiritually given.  It is given in accordance with the will of God.  My part in it was to do what I did not wish to do – approach humbly on my knees.  This type of healing is called a healing of memories – it stops you constantly reliving a bad experience.

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