The Empty Tomb and Resurrection

Sometimes life is too hard, too dark, you feel trapped as if in a tomb. It seems like the end.

But then patiently wait three days. Count three days, keep watch through the pain. Wait and hope. If you can’t hope, just wait.

On the third day go to the tomb and enter; examine the tomb of your fears. You’ll find the stone over the entrance rolled away; the tomb empty.

Resurrection is possible. Jesus rose from the dead.

The tomb could not hold the Lord of life, and it cannot hold any of His followers.

Wait in hope, this is not the end – new life has come to us and is offered now.

Published by clarevmerry

Christian - Bible - Catholic belief reassessment website. How does Catholic belief relate to the Bible? An even-handed approach by the author who has been a Catholic as long as she has been an Evangelical.

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