Millions of Little Flames Alight

Each follower is a little flame bringing forth the light of Christ.

Light in a dark, uncertain world. Warmth in the chill of godless society.

The flame flickers sometimes, but it never goes out.

Each follower of Jesus brings hope to someone, somewhere, somehow.

The sea of candles at the Easter Vigil and the symbolic flames of Pentecost

Pentecost is symbolized by flames like the ones that came down on the apostles when the Holy Spirit was sent to them. Jesus had risen from the dead, been seen by many people and returned to the Father after 40 days, at the Ascension. He had promised his followers that he would send his spirit upon them, and they had waited in Jerusalem for this. When the Holy Spirit came, he led them into understanding the truth of the words that Jesus had spoken to them.

Pentecost is the birthday of the church. The word means ’50th day’ in Greek. The 50th day referred to the lapse of time between the Jewish First Fruits festival which was to celebrate the barley harvest, and the Feast of Weeks festival which was to celebrate the wheat harvest. 50 days = 7 weeks which is why is was called the Feast of Weeks.

Christian churches celebrate Pentecost 7 weeks after Easter Sunday.

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